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The LEAD Center

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Programs located at our locations in Old Saybrook & Watertown

We are currently accepting students into our day programs at the LEAD transition center. These programs provide intensive small group or individual academic support for those students transitioning between placements, or those struggling to find success with their current school program. We will work with districts and families to ensure the highest level of success for each student through collaborative work, consultation, and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Diagnostic Placement and Assessment

For students who are experiencing significant difficulties in schools with academics, behavior, or social skills, diagnostic placement will help to determine the necessary steps for success.  Our Center provides a short-term placement that gives students the opportunity to better understand their strengths, while developing the skills necessary to be successful in school with friends, families and in communities.

Program Development and
Transition Services.

In some cases, the standard diagnostic placement is not enough to prepare a student for transition back to school. For those students, an extended transition program is available. We will collaborate with school district personnel to plan for and ensure a continuation of care for students throughout the school year.  When a determination has been made to transition from school-based services, A Behavioral Approach can support the individual, family and staff in ensure the transition is a successful one.

Center Support

A Behavioral Approach provides ABA, social skills, therapeutic services and classes specifically tailored to each child’s needs. Our services are child-centered and individualized. Center Support is provided by our specially qualified team of BCBA’s, clinicians, certified special education staff, RBT’s and behavioral support staff. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive educational, behavioral and therapeutic services that are designed to serve and support each child’s unique potential.

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