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New Thinking, New Approach, Improved Growth and Development.

A Behavioral Approach has an all-inclusive approach using ABA to help children and families. We work with families to develop a plan that works for everyone. During this process we provide parent training and modeling so that parents, siblings and all those in the home can have a consistent approach to behavior and will provide and support an environment of understanding and growth.

Our parent training model includes an initial consultation from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Behavior Specialist. During this time we will discuss the needs of your family and how we can support your child. We will review or plan assessments and meet with other providers to ensure the he/she receive a comprehensive program. After the intake we will design a program specific to the needs of your child. We will provide you with the guidance and training needed to create maximum learning opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Together we collaboratively approach our community and beyond with our core beliefs, application of sound ethics, and the execution of professional practices. With this approach we offer research based Applied Behavioral strategies and practice with integrity to all school, institutions, families, and children.

Get To Know Us

Monica St.Amand-Santos

Dr. Monica Santos founded A Behavioral Approach in 2017 to help children with autism acquire the skills needed to live an independent life.  Dr. Santos worked as an ABA therapist and certified special education teacher for over 10 years prior to acquiring her BCBA in 2012. 

She has since completed coursework and attained her 092, special education administrator certification, and her Ph.D. in Psychology, in the area of social psychology.  She partnered with Mandy Grass in 2020.  Between the two of them, they have over 20 years of experience in public education in the field of special education.  Combined, they have over 10 years experience working as behavior analyst in both the classroom and in consultative roles.  Both Dr. Santos and Ms. Grass along with their highly qualified team have the skills and experienced needed to help your child navigate the road ahead be it educationally, life skills or behaviorally. 

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Center Services

Taylor Brinker

BCBA / Director of Clinical Services

Taylor Brinker has a B.A. in Child Study, from the University of Saint Joseph, and an M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis, from Ball State University. Taylor started her career as an intern for the company and has been with us ever since.

She is the Director of Center Services and a BCBA.  She works with clients in multiple settings including in homes, schools and at our centers. She provides individualized programming, teaches social skills groups and provides parent training support for her families.

” My favorite part about my job is seeing the continued growth and success that each client has, through our programming and intervention. I love working with each family, on their individual needs. A Behavioral Approach invests in all facets of a client’s development- social skills, behavior intervention, functional skills and emotional regulation, which provides effective programming and success for each client. I love being a part of this, every step of the way”. 

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Amanda King

BCBA / Services Coordinator

Amanda has worked with children for ten years in multiple capacities including school systems, park and recreation centers, summer camps, special education programs and ABA facilities.

She has her Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Capella University and obtained her BCBA certification in 2021. When Amanda first started on her journey, she was employed in the Old Saybrook school system while nannying and working as a youth counselor at Old Saybrook Park and Rec. She joined A Behavioral Approach in October 2019, prior to that she was employed at another ABA agency while working in the Guilford school district. Applied Behavioral Analysis has always been a passion of Amanda’s and she is excited to continue her journey!

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Old Lyme Clinic

Nick Hahn

Transition and Vocational Coordinator

Nick has been working in Adult Transition Programs and ABA for over 10 years. He has worked with students in a variety of settings including public schools, private transition programs and job coaching.  Nick has a strong connection with the CT shoreline community and has helped develop successful transition programs in the area.

Nick has been working in Adult Transition Programs and ABA for over 10 years. He has worked with students in a variety of settings including public schools, private transition programs and job coaching.  Nick has a strong connection with the CT shoreline community and has helped develop successful transition programs in the area.

Sarah Hindman

Behavior Specialist

Sarah has been working in the field of ABA for four years in different settings such as school, center and in home. Sarah has a B.A. in Psychology from Marywood University and a M.A. in Applied Psychology from Fairfield University. She also has an RBT certification.

Sarah has a passion for helping children with special needs and works with clients in all age ranges, implementing ABA techniques and social skills. Her favorite part of her job is making connections and seeing growth with all the kids she helps.

Sarah has been with A Behavioral Approach since 2020.

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Watertown Clinic

Anele Barbieri

LEAD Instructor

Anele started her ABA Career 5 years ago through the public school system.  During her time in the public school system, she has practiced ABA principles in her everyday practices.

Anele is in the process of obtaining her RBT credentials.  Anele’s favorite part of her job is seeing the growth and success that each client gains through ABA programming. 

Anele is honored to be a part of the “A Behavioral Approach” family.

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Selvie Rakiposki


Selvie started her ABA journey a little over a year ago, she works with a variety of clients between the ages of 2-12.

Selvie will be graduating from Southern Connecticut State University with her B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health in May of 2022. Selvie intends on obtaining her Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis beginning in Fall of 2022.

 Selvie has a passion for helping and improving the lives of children with autism and watching the slow and steady progress they make each and every day

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Home Services

Janice Litwinas

Behavior Specialist

Miss Janice received her B.S. in Human Services from Springfield College 2008 She is a behavior specialist, for A Behavioral Approach! Janice works in the home and community setting for children

that are diagnosed with autism and she gives the families support that they need. She also works for the Coventry Public Schools. She works closely with the Special Education teachers to implement cognitive – behaviors and social cognitive strategies to help children that are diagnosed with autism and other behavioral needs. Janice has a tremendous background experience with working with children that are diagnosed with autism.

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Paula Belliveau

Office Administrator

Paula has worked in an administrative position for over 20 years. She has been with A Behavioral Approach for over five years. She oversees insurance billing

and claims as well as verifies clients’ insurance coverages. She runs the day-to-day office requirements and ensures that client and staff needs are met.
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