Providing Quality Behavioral and Educational Support

To Children and Families

Dr. Monica Santos founded A Behavioral Approach in 2017 to help children with autism acquire the skills needed to live an independent life. Dr. Santos worked as an ABA Therapist and Certified Special Education teacher for over 10 years prior to acquiring her BCBA in 2012. She has since completed coursework and attained her 092, Special Education Administrator Certification, and her Ph.D. in Psychology, with a concentration in the area of social psychology. Dr. Santos along with their highly qualified team, have the skills and experience needed to help your child navigate the road ahead, be it educationally, life skills or behaviorally.

We are committed to providing quality, caring assistance to families of children with autism and related disorders. Our goal is to help individuals achieve their desired personal outcomes and develop to their fullest potential through individualized, professional support.

A Behavioral Approach is a company that develops and designs innovative and tailor-made Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs for individuals in their home, school, and community environments. We are experts in our field dedicated to providing high quality services using the proven techniques of Discrete Trial Instruction, Natural Environment Teaching, Reinforcement, and Shaping for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. We teach and maintain important social skills such as communication and flexibility. We support the inclusion of children with autism/developmental disabilities in activities and programs that may otherwise not be offered to them. Our best practice model allows maximum supervision for our clients, with minimum costs.

A behavioral Approach

Day School

A Behavioral Approach provides parents, caregivers, and schools the tools necessary to help their child be successful, as well as handle the everyday challenges of living with a child with a disability.

A behavioral Approach

School Consult

A Behavioral Approach can help to increase school districts’ competency and confidence in managing challenging behaviors and providing ABA instruction.

A behavioral Approach

Home Services

A Behavioral Approach helps children ages 3 and older learn skills to help them better function in all environments.

The LEAD Center

We are currently accepting students into our day programs at the LEAD transition center located at our site in Higganum, CT. These programs provide intensive small group or individual academic support for those students transitioning between placements, or those who have struggled to succeed in their current school program. We will work with districts and families to ensure the highest level of success for each student through collaborative work, consultation, and a multi-disciplinary approach.

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