Services We Provide

A Behavioral Approach provides parents, caregivers, and schools the necessary tools to help their child be successful, as well as handle the everyday challenges of living with a child with a disability. Every plan is unique to the child and his/her environment and places an emphasis on functional skills and behaviors that will allow your child to gain independence and achieve success. Depending on the age and functional level of your child, we will use ABA and behavior management to address areas of communication, socialization, self-care, and play, as well as improving or developing the behaviors necessary for school and academic success.

BCBA Consultation

Our Behavior analysts can assist in a variety a ways for long term or short term needs. We can help to provide your staff with the information needed to better support students in the classroom setting or be there to support and maintain on going behavior needs.

Functional Behavioral Assessment & Behavior Plan

Our behavior analysts can complete thorough assessments and develop comprehensive behavior plans. We can also train your staff in how to implement plans.

Social Skills

Our Social Skills program is designed to help facilitate teaching of expected behaviors while reducing the frequency of unexpected behaviors in a small group setting. Our highly qualified staff and small staff to student ratios help teach, demonstrate, generalize and maintain appropriate social behaviors.

In Home Support

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, A Behavioral Approach, LLC creates evidence-based interventions to support children and families within their homes and the community. A Behavioral Approach has worked extensively with children who exhibit varying challenges to help build functional and independent
skills in their homes.

Temporary Staff

We can provide staffing support at all levels from instructional assistants to certified teachers.

Transitional Support

This is beneficial for students awaiting outplacement and need support from an individual who has training and background in behavior management and ABA.

Program Development & Management

Once an assessment has been completed, a comprehensive plan can be developed as a team. Our goal is to help in providing effective, consistent, and reinforced learning opportunities throughout a child’s day to encourage generalization and skill development.

Staff Training

We have staff trainers that can provide instruction at a variety of skill levels, in using ABA methods, as well as tracking and analyzing data, working with students one on one, reinforcement and functions of behavior.

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